ISSA Charities 

We envision ISSA Charities becoming the charitable and philanthropic arm of the entire cleaning industry, including leading manufacturers of cleaning products, distributors, manufacturer representatives, building services contractors, in-house service providers, residential cleaning companies, all of the hardworking people in all of those organizations, and more.

Core to our vision is the connection between our charitable and social programs and the cleaning industry as a whole.

With the active engagement and support of members of the cleaning industry, we envision our charitable and social programs making a major impact on society, and in doing so, creating a cleaner, healthier, better place for all to live.

We are the charitable arm of The Worldwide Cleaning Industry and through our charity and philanthropy, We Are Changing The Way The World Views Cleaning.

How We Plan To Accomplish Our Objectives

  • Launch and grow the ISSA Charities Annual Fund
  • Build and staff the ISSA Charities organization
  • Guide all ISSA Charities programs with inspirational strategic vision
  • Back all ISSA Charities programs with fully resourced operating plans
  • Create a culture of philanthropy, engagement and support among individuals, companies and organizations operating within The Worldwide Cleaning Industry.


Join us on this exciting journey:

Through Our Charity We Will Change The Way The World Views Cleaning

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